A global community repository of online microscopy resources

The Microscopy Database is a database of links to websites and online resources related to microscopy.
The goal of MicroscopyDB is to make it easier for everyone to find relevant information related to microscopy.

A one-stop shop for microscopy resources

A solution to easily find, identify gaps and avoid duplication in microscopy training, conferences and more.

A one-stop shop for microscopy resources A one-stop shop for microscopy resources

All levels of microscopy are represented, from beginner to expert. The links in the database are training and education material, useful tips, community forum, up-to-date job offers, conferences and workshop … all related to microscopy

Ways to Get Involved



Are you looking for microscopy information? Browse and search MicroscopyDB through a partner website.


Contribute to the database

Do you have online microscopy resources and want to increase traffic to them? Upload your own online resource links to MicroscopyDB where they can automatically be accessible through multiple partner websites. Open to all microscopy related content – Share an event, job posting or training resource with the community!



Do you want to add microscopy-related links/content to your own website? Partner with MicroscopyDB to display contents of the database on your imaging community website. As a Partner you will be asked to sign our MOU and then you would be listed in the Partners section along with a link to your resource pages.

Easy Embed Icon

Easy Embed

Quickly and easily embed code on your website to provide a window directly into the MicroscopyDB database with basic search capability.

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API Method

MicroscopyDB.io will work with you to implement APIs to display the content in a customized format consistent with the partner site’s design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do this?

Currently, if you want to share or find a microscopy-related event, job or training/education resource, you need to spend a lot of time and effort to post on or search the many great websites that show this type of content. MicroscopyDB is a centralized place for the links to all these resources to be uploaded and then easily shared by others on their website. Time and effort can be reduced, and website owners can be confident they are showing their visitors all the relevant microscopy content that the global community has to offer. Contributors can be sure their resources are widely disseminated.

Q: How is this different from existing resources?

This is an effort to aggregate into a single database, microscopy training and education resources, jobs and events (conferences, workshops etc.) that are currently collected and displayed independently across the websites of various global microscopy communities, partners can then display in a searchable manner the contents of the database that they find relevant to their own websites.

Q: Why are the contents of the database currently only accessible through partner websites and not directly searchable here?

We recognize that there are many community and network-based websites that already have an excellent following and an audience that want access to everything through their own community site. Rather than creating yet another site to post and search for information, MicroscopyDB will be a centralized database for the global community to contribute content so that it can then power content for any community member that wishes to partner and ‘web up’ the database content. This may change in time if the traffic to this site and community feedback justifies providing search pages here.

Q: Is the database limited to resources on light microscopy?

No, we are supporting every type of microscopy and related topics (image analysis, metadata, archiving etc.)!  The initial content is largely light microscopy-related, because the current network organizations and community partners that are contributing content are primarily light microscopy-focused. Feel free to contact us with your suggestions (contact@microscopydb.io) or simply upload your content and include key words to help others find your resource.   

Q: How can I shape the MicroscopyDB?

There are a number of ways to get help shape the MicroscopyDB

  1. As an individualIf you are interested in helping with communications, database and coding, marketing, curation, help desk, etc. please make contact via contact@microscopydb.io
  2. As an individual or an organization with online resources to share -Submit links to resources that are publicly available on the internet via the submission forms on this site or on partner websites. If you want to share a large repository of training resources, we are working on a MicroscopyDB Bulk upload tool. The MicroscopyDB team can help contact@microscopydb.io. Contributors will need to agree to an acknowledgement that other community partners may share the resource links through their website.
  3. As an existing community network organization interested in displaying content from MicroscopyDB – You can work with the MicroscopyDB team to implement an api that displays a customized view of the database resources (like the BINA examples – jobs, events, and Training & Education resources) on your community website or simply embed auto generated code on your webpage for a basic interface (like the ABIC example). Please review our MOU to see what is involved in partnering with MicroscopyDB
Q: If I share my training and education resource with this database, do I get credit for it?

Yes. You are just sharing the url link where your resource is currently located, so by placing the link in this database you are increasing the exposure of your material to a broader global audience. You should be able to track how many times that resource is accessed through your own analytics (YouTube or Google analytics) to know how frequently the resource is being accessed.

Q: Where can I see my resource displayed?

Submissions to the database will be displayed on partner organizations websites.  Anytime you see a searchable resource table/content “Powered by MicroscopyDB.io” you will know that content from this database is being used to make the view possible. You can see the list of partners and the content they are displaying in the Partners section of our Who we are page.

Q: How does my organization become a partner and get access to the content of MicroscopyDB?

Reach out to us at contact@microscopydb.io to express interest and we can explain what is involved so you can decide how best to participate.

As a community partner you would be expected to execute the MOU.